Sunday, September 12, 2010

it was 1 month ever since i last blogged already..
were having 3 weeeks of study/YOG break..
most of time for me were spent to study for my exams..
but of course, some days were spent to enjoy..
Happppy birthday Siaotong!
26 August 2010, it was one of my girlfriend Siaotong's birthday..
met my girls over at amk, accompanied esther to buy balloons..
then headed to broadway plaza's kbox..
siaotong overslept, so alicia went over to her hse to wake her up..
kbox tilll 5pm, then went to kpool to meet the guys..
bugis for steamboat at late night..
then aftermath, esther, adoncia, dear and i cabbed home..
while the rest went pub..

my exams ended before my birthday this time round..
was so so happpy!!!!
Happppy birthday to ME!
3 Sep 2010, my girlfriends, dear and friends came over to my place to surprise me at 12am..
was soooooooooo touched and shocked...
thanks to alll of you guys, your made my day..
they stayed over at my hse for like an hour, then back home..
i could say this was the best birthday with sooooo many surprises and cakes..
slept only at 3am, and woke up early...
cabbed over to dear's house, and he surprised me with a very lovely balloon..
slacked till 5 plus, over to alicia's house, then hub to meeet beeying..
cabbed over to suntec, Crystal Jade for dinnner..
MBS, the bridge i always wanted to go..
didnt went up, but we stayed below the bridge to cut cake, etc...
slacked all the way till 11 plus, then dear and i cabbed over to NSRCC chalet..
while my girls bused home..
reached, and i had a surprise from dear's cousins as well..
dear smashed the cake on my chin, of cours, i smashed back..
chatted with them, bathed then sleeeep..
the next day, dear's aunt woke usup at 10 plus..
had breakfast then went swimming and suana..
lunched at bowling cafe then bowling..
back to chalet, slacked and played card games...
evening time, all his relatives came..
BBQ and catered foood for dinnner..

8 sep 2010, met dear for brunch over at amk hub's mos burger..
then bought tickets for movie "Grown Up" at cineleisure..
last min decision, esther and yy joined us for movie..
just nice, they were also eating at mos burger..
waited for them, then trained to town..
movie, then shoppped around..
brought my bracelet to tiffany & co to repair..
evening time, siaotong and eugene came to find us..
my first time having triple date..
marche for dinnnner for us, their 1st time there..
aftermath, trained back to amk..
bought a cake, i went dear hse, waited for him to bath..
then went to fetch esther and yy then to siaotong's house void deck..
played monopoly deal while waiting for time to pass..
over to alicia's house, and we failed the plan..
coz she was homed before we all entered her room..
camwhore, we left before 1am..
dear sent me back 1st, coz i neeeda reach home before 1am..
Happppy birthday Alicia!
9 sep 2010, alicia woke me up at 10 plus...
siaotong, alicia and i conference all the way till 12 plus..
after i prepared, and they are done..
amk hub first to buy a poooh balloon for alicia..
after that, went to meeet alicia and siaotong..
waited for beeeeying, then trained to town..
cine for suki sushi, then slacked at scape park..
camwhore, siaotong left at 6 plus..
we went fareast, i bought my polaroid films..
accompanied beeeying to wait for her friends..
and we were late to meet the guys..
cabbed over to suntec, actual plan was to have aston..
but due to tooo many people, changed to New York..
dine there, cake cutting, singing of song..
camwhore as usual, then esther, dear and i left first..

Happppy 21st Birthday Brother!
10 sep 2010, slept tilll kinda late, coz i haven had enough slp for soooo many many days la..
woke up and had brunch that my mum cooked..
seeee my bro do his guestboook..
around 4 plus, my relatives came..
brother's friend was here as well, helped to decorate..
the buffet was here, but all brother's friend wasnt here yet..
dinnner at 7 plus, then cake cutting at 8 plus..
was the camera woman for the day...
his friends all left before 11pm..
helped mum to clean up the mess..

Happppy birthday Dearest Baby & Chonghao!
11 sep 2010, woke up early to do house chores first before i was allowed to go out..
had the buffet foood for brunch..
washed up the plates, then went to prepare..
brought brother's birthday cake over to dear's house for him..
slacked awhile, before leaving for town...
fareast, and i bought a top from FEMMEX..
dine at taka's Ajisen Ramen..
dear wanted to have that for dinnnner..
aftermath, slacked and camwhore together outside taka..
in the mean time,waited for alicia & co..
cine to find arene and walked around..
alicia went to buy cake over, sang dear and ch birthday song..
cut cake, making wishes and etc..
waited for arene to off work, then off we went..
they went chomp chomp, while dear and i went home..